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Manifesto for best use of emojis and memes in Slack

Draft In Progress

Sorry for the terse prose and bullet lists.
I welcome feedbacks and pull requests.
I can't promise to finish this draft, but voting for it increase the chances that I do.

Use meme emojis (aka memojis) to convey new emotions

Emojis are the standard way to convey feelings in your writings. Memojis are the same but on steroids as they usually communicates a stronger position. Having a whole range of reactions at disposition encourages precise discussion.

Spread memes love with the !kym slack command

Memes are part of the geek culture but you want everyone at your company to be at ease with them so that discussions participants are on an equal footing.
In this vein, the !kym (for Know Your Memoji) slackbot macro can be [to continue]

Part of your company culture

When appropriate, create custom emojis related to events that happened in your company. You can start by uploading your company logo, but it can be more casual things like the favorite snack brand of a particularly suggar-addicted colleague etc.

Emoji polls

Emojis are a cheap way to post polls, as long as you have a complete set of custom emojis to represent options

Emoji combos

Upgrade avatars to emoji status and get things done

Having avatar emojis helps to tackle issues/actions reported in slack, as commenting with an avatar means that person becomes the assignee.
Use the checkmark to signify that a task has been dealed with.

This post is a draft. Want to see it finished ? Thumb it up! :+1: