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After ditching my blog for too long, time has come for a reboot.


The site root is now at kray.me/r.
The /r stands for reboot and is a tribute to reddit url scheme.
All past blog posts urls will redirect to the new scheme. yo


I want this new version to be versatile providing best comfort to read short twitter like messages as well as longer pieces as tutorials.
That’s the place where I’ll post technical guides that don’t fit in a github repo wiki, pieces about methodology.

Why rivers as post header images?

I’m not a tabula rasa type. In some ways, the more constraints I have, the work is more interesting to me.
– Thom Mayne, american architect

Rather than picking random images to illustrate each post or sticking with one for the whole blog, I thought I could use that page space to establish a signature.

So, why rivers maps?

  • I love cartography, so it’s a way to introduce the theme in the blog without writing explicitely about it
  • Dare say these earth from space views are not stunning!
  • No limitation on the number of available high-res illustrations, thanks to NASA
  • Individual strips can be cut from a single image while retaining interest
  • Coz kray.me a river (duh)

Follow me

I’m not on social networks and want to be part of the alternatives.
People must be able to follow me, or my output concerning any given topic using tag-focused RSS feeds.
People must be able to comments.