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Downloading magnet links as .torrent files

Since magnets have been introduced in early 2012, I needed a way to convert a magnet URI to torrent and found this tutorial. It describes an elegant solution relying solely on a browser bookmark, that gets you a torrent file named after the hash of its content.

But having a bunch of torrents files with hexadecimal hashnames sitting in a folder isn’t super user friendly : would it be hard to have an evocative name for each file ? As a matter of fact, no … say hi to torrefy, the python script that sorts out torrent hash keys.

```plaintext $ torrefy.py -v 815F79F2E8B25B3484019887DA40113546CB2935.torrent
Renaming 815F79F2E8B25B3484019887DA40113546CB2935.torrent to
Scandal.US.S02E18.HDTV.x264-LOL.mp4.torrent ``

As usual, I recommend to create an Hazel rule that takes care of unhashifying the name of any freshly downloaded torrent. Enjoy!

Triggering torrefy.py via an Hazel action