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Get high to reach your github fans

As I intend to release qifqif 1.0.0 sooner than later, I wanted to email the project users for a last minute roundtable about features I could possible squeeze in it.

The Github API makes getting stargazers public emails easy enough, but there is more … When you comment on an issue by replying to the github notification emails, your email address may leak in the comment body like so :

On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 12:37 PM, kraymer kraymer+github@gmail.com wrote:

Interested to grab these pesky email addresses hidden in issue comments data ? Not a big fan of node.js for cli tools 1 ? Give high a try.

  1. the two top results when googling for “github get stargazers emails” are nodejs repositories neoziro/stargazer and lambtron/get-stargazers-emails