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Unit tests checking translations errors in .po files

Draft In Progress

Sorry for the terse prose and bullet lists.
I welcome feedbacks and pull requests.
I can't promise to finish this draft, but claping for it increase the chances that I do.

Django i18n police is a set of unit tests detecting human errors in .po files translated strings.
When tests break it yells on your slack dev channel complaining that a translation …

  • … is missing
  • … is a url and contains non ASCII characters
  • … contains forbidden characters (eg % that is interpreted as a formatting character)
  • … is an url having a different structure than source url
  • … placeholders names don’t match those in source string
  • … markups are unbalanced

You can configure your poeditor API key to have stats about projects completions and links pointing to translations to edit in case of errors.

  • [ ] TODO: open source the code