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Excommito theme, blog as you code

Draft In Progress

Sorry for the terse prose and bullet lists.
I welcome feedbacks and pull requests.
I can't promise to finish this draft, but claping for it increase the chances that I do.

Ex commito theme is my latest attempt for a minimal theme to empower my blog.

It is based on Hydejack (v5), the pretentious two-column Jekyll theme derived from Hyde.

Simple and clean layout

  • most recent post is featured on homepage
  • previous/next post navigation is moved out the post area to the sidebar
  • an article layout with dropcaps. Code taken from libretto. Dropcaps can be disabled in the yaml header.
  • text is justified
  • centered images with optional captions
  • unobtrusive social sharing text links in post header section

A coder theme with unique traits

  • introduce a link metadata attribute to attach link to a post title. Github logo is appended to article title when the link points to a github project
  • solarized dark theme for code excerpts
  • Fingerprint link in side bar, points to last commit diff
  • History link in post header, points to current post git history

Crowdsource the editing process

  • drafts collection: drafts are published but clearly labeled as ‘drafts’. A warning sign in preamble of post content leads to a github issue page where one can vote for the posts drafts he want to see finished.
  • it’s shipping reduced to its simple expression : drafts are indexed by google and suggested in the Kinda related links section when appropriate. But they do not appear on the Archives section or when using the previous/next post navigation.