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Publish blog drafts to get feedbacks from your audience

Draft In Progress

Sorry for the terse prose and bullet lists.
I welcome feedbacks and pull requests.
I can't promise to finish this draft, but claping for it increase the chances that I do.

This post you are currently reading is a draft, a half-baked/non-polished blog post.
Blogging is hard. Original ideas are there, some thoughts I have or work I’ve done, that could be of some interest for the community.
Yet, going from a one sentence idea to a full blog post takes time and brain sweat. So more often than not, these ideas stayed in my blog repository labelled as draft, meaning they never get the chance to experience the www.
Well … until now.

Embracing the ship early, ship often adage, Ex commito theme treats your drafts differently than others, considering them almost as first-class citizen.
As such, drafts share following properties :

  • same permalink structure than posts (so external links don’t get broken when status change from draft to post)
  • searchable on google
  • they are proposed in Related posts sections

draft appearing in related posts section
Draft appearing in related posts section

  • but are not mixed with posts in your articles navigation (previous/next links)
  • custom layout with prominent note warning of the draft status

Last but not least, the draft layout footer links to a github page where your readers can vote for which draft they are the more interested in to see finished. Because publishing draft is not an end in itself, but a way to gather from your audience the incentive to get your blogging job done.